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Lakeway Area Association of REALTORS® Helps Tennessee’s Jefferson County Resist Moratorium on New Development

An Issues Mobilization Grant helped the local REALTORS® rally a Tennessee community in opposition to a proposed moratorium on new developments that would have increased the price of housing and hurt the construction and trade industries.  Advocacy Everywhere got the message through to the County Commission.

West Georgia Board of REALTORS® Leads Aspiring Buyers on the Path to Homeownership with Engaging Info-Packed Course

With support from a Housing Opportunity Grant, the West Georgia Board of REALTORS® partnered with a local HUD-certified housing counseling agency to offer a ‘Pathways to Homeownership’ course for first-time buyers.  Addressing essential aspects of the home-buying process – including obstacles to homeownership – the program was so well received that the REALTORS® are making it an annual event.

First-Time Homebuyers Savings Legislation Passes in Michigan, with a Boost from Michigan REALTORS® and the REALTOR® Party

It took some patience – and a change of governor – but Michigan REALTORS® is finally seeing its advocacy efforts pay off with the recent passage of legislation to assist first-time homebuyers, who can now prepare for the purchase with two new long-term savings features: tax-free savings accounts and income tax deductions on down payment savings.

Oklahoma City Metropolitan Association of REALTORS® Leverages Issues Mobilization Grant to Help Struggling Town Shore Up Infrastructure

When a small, incorporated town within the Oklahoma City limits was being left behind by the surrounding competitive real estate market, the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Association of REALTORS® used an Issues Mobilization Grant from the REALTOR® Party to help secure two new bond packages to improve drainage, streets, sidewalks, and parks.

Maine Association of REALTORS® Taps Into REALTOR® Party Resources to Defeat Impact Fee on Vacant Residential Properties

With a Consumer Advocacy Grant from the REALTOR® Party, this board serving three counties in western North Carolina is educating consumers on the key findings from recent studies that demonstrate not only the economic benefit of STRs within a community, but also that STRs are not to blame for housing shortages and affordability issues.

Land of the Sky Association of REALTORS® Dispels Common Misconceptions About Short Term Rentals Through Data-Driven Public Awareness Campaign

With a Consumer Advocacy Grant from the REALTOR® Party, this board serving three counties in western North Carolina is educating consumers on the key findings from recent studies that demonstrate not only the economic benefit of STRs within a community, but also that STRs are not to blame for housing shortages and affordability issues.

Bay East Association of REALTORS® Hosts Richard Rothstein at a Book Club Event Shared with Fellow Real Estate Organizations

A Fair Housing Grant from the REALTOR® Party helped the Bay East Association of REALTORS® bring the author of The Color of Law to a virtual discussion of his work. By opening the event to other key stakeholders and real estate organizations, they strengthened relationships all around.

Charleston Trident Association of REALTORS® Hosts Housing Summit and Commissions Study to Recommend Productive Changes to Zoning Codes

As multiple municipalities in its jurisdiction had recently completed their mandated five-year comprehensive plans, the Charleston Trident Association of REALTORS® was determined to keep those efforts alive, rather than languishing on shelves.  With a housing summit and a deep-dive study supported by Smart Growth and Issues Mobilization Grants, it’s helping the region move its plans from paper to policy.

New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania Associations Keep the Focus on Fair Housing at Annual Triple Play REALTORS® Convention

Who could resist a presentation called “Am I A Jerk at Work?” With the help of the Fair Housing Grant program from the REALTOR® Party, the state associations of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania brought national speakers to their annual convention in Atlantic City to explore that question, and many more aspects of fair housing. 

Housing Opportunity Grant Helps Bring Counselors of Real Estate to Spokane for Housing Needs Study and Action Plan

Within Washington state, which recent census data revealed to have the lowest housing inventory in the country, the numbers in Spokane were even worse. The Spokane Association of REALTORS® stepped up to bring in a consulting team from the Counselors of Real Estate, an international organization of expert volunteers who provide objective assessments and a strong set of recommendations informed by their nationwide perspective. A Housing Opportunity Grant supported the effort.

To Defeat Rent Control Ballot Initiative in Asbury Park, New Jersey REALTORS® Target Voters with Issues Mobilization Campaign

When a ballot initiative in Asbury Park, New Jersey threatened to override a recently adopted rent control ordinance supported by the REALTORS®, the state association launched a campaign to rally voters to preserve the original, less restrictive legislation. They prevailed with nearly a two-to-one margin, sparing smaller landlords with buildings of fewer than five units from the burdens of rent control.

Three North Carolina Communities Jumpstart Revitalization with Mainstreet Downtown Assessments Supported by the REALTOR® Party

Using Smart Growth grants from the REALTOR® Party, the McDowell Board of REALTORS®, the Yancey Association of REALTORS®, and the High Country Association of REALTORS®, all in western North Carolina, commissioned assessments of small town centers with an eye toward sustainable residential and commercial growth.

With a Timely Call For Action, REALTOR® Associations of Washington State and Kittitas County Dissuade Lawmakers from Doubling Real Estate Excise Tax

Residents of Kittitas County in central Washington State were threatened with a 100% increase in their real estate taxes, and denied a vote on the matter, to boot. The REALTORS® gave them a voice through Advocacy Everywhere, and the County Commissioners heard it loud and clear.

Advocacy Everywhere Helps Santa Barbara Association of REALTORS® Protect Rights of Coastal Homeowners

Having spent eight years drafting a comprehensive coastal land use plan, the County of Santa Barbara, California received official recommendations that would seriously infringe on property rights and land use policies within the five-mile swath inland from the waterline.  The Santa Barbara Association of REALTORS® came to the defense of property owners with a consumer Call For Action in opposition to the powerful California Coastal Commission.

REALTORS® Association of South Central Wisconsin Leverages Issues Mobilization and Advocacy Everywhere to Increase Development of Multi-Family Housing

When lawmakers in Madison, Wisconsin took a step towards a zoning change that would increase affordable housing, the REALTORS® generated a strong showing of public support with an Issues Mobilization campaign and a consumer Call For Action. The positive response counterbalanced vocal opposition from powerful homeowner associations and helped tip the City Council vote to a narrow win.