Below are resources to set up, execute, track and report the results of a phone bank event.

Questions? Contact Peter Kelly at 202-383-7599.

General Information & Resources

Phone Bank Event Set-Up

Day of Phone Bank Guide

  • Adding Additional Volunteers to Your Phone Bank
    Your phone bank is ready to go, but the day of the event a new volunteer arrives wanting to make calls.  This volunteers is not part of your original volunteer list.  Follow these instructions to add any last minute volunteers to the phone bank.

Tracking & Reporting

  • Phone Bank Program Report
    The Phone Bank Program Report gives an overview of all phone banks held in each state association’s program.  Information available in the report includes how many calls were made per phone bank; how much money was raised per phone bank; and how many volunteers participated per phone bank.
  • Phone Bank Mass Activity Report 
    The Phone Bank Mass Activity Report shows detailed results of one phone bank.  Information available includes: total calls placed, call status for each target contacted, which volunteer (advocate) contacted each target, how many calls were made for each of the call statuses: contributed, emailed, declined, etc.