Growth Management Fact Book

The Growth Management Fact Book provides REALTOR® Associations and REALTORS® with factual information and analyses concerning modern growth management (aka Smart Growth on topics such as urban growth boundaries, housing moratoria, adequate public facilities and cluster zoning). This publication reflects NAR’s belief that REALTORS® must be able to engage with citizens, legislators and government officials effectively on regulatory issues of importance to the real estate industry.

The December 2021 update to the Growth Management Fact Book includes new relevant case law and examples. Additionally, three new topics are introduced:

  • Parking Reform (page 185): This new section examines the recent trend of local governments reducing or even eliminating minimum parking standards for new residential and/or commercial development.  The rational for undertaking this change is explored as well as the impact on property values, development cost and housing affordability. Specific examples where parking reduction/elimination has occurred are reviewed.
  • Planning for Equity (page 191): This section provides a definition of planning for equity, a history and examples of planning and zoning that produced inequitable outcomes and what some local governments are now doing to rectify those embedded practices.
  • Missing Middle Housing Strategies (page 244): This recently coined term has spurred much planning activity around the country in an effort to create more housing units at a greater range of price points and, importantly, through an equity lens, to do so in all communities. Strategies and examples ranging from ADUs to the  elimination of single-family zoning are discussed.

Numerous citations are provided for each entry should a reader want to explore a topic in more depth.

Lastly, a new list of NAR resources on related topics is included; this can be found on page 254.

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