Better Block Guide

Better Block is a process that empowers communities and their leaders to reshape built environments to promote the growth of healthy and vibrant neighborhoods. It demonstrates the potential of an area with “temporary treatments” (i.e., painting, bike lanes and parklets) to vacant buildings, underused streets and public spaces. This temporary transformation provides a way for residents and community leaders to participate in the process. It also helps to convince public officials, stakeholders, lenders and property owners of the area’s potential. Better Block is an alternative to traditional planning processes, which can be long and boring; involve endless public and committee meetings; and cause strife among stakeholders and residents.

Better Block Guide

Better Block is a project in which REALTOR® Associations can engage in their communities and partner with others to initiate the revitalization of a downtown or commercial corridor. 
Smart Growth Action Grant can be used to help fund a Better Block project. After the project is completed, the Placemaking Grant can be used to create vibrant community gathering places like pocket parks and gardens followed by a Housing Opportunity Grant to address affordable housing challenges in the neighborhood.

You can download the entire Better Block Guide to print and review. You can also print out individual resources for staff and partners to discuss and customize.

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