The REALTOR® Party Plus program offers associations a direct, independent business relationship with REAL Strategies, NAR’s campaign services consultant, that builds upon the data driven services currently provided to NAR through the REALTOR® Party. REALTOR® Party Plus provides state and local REALTOR® Associations with greater access to member, consumer and political data as well as state-of-the-art outreach services with the goal of enhancing REALTOR® member engagement, advocacy and consumer outreach objectives.

REALTOR® Party Plus Core Services

Strategic Consulting

Your association will receive dedicated consulting time from an experienced REAL Strategies account representative that will work with your team to effectively utilize data and services to assist in helping to design and execute effective political and advocacy programs.

Predictive Analytics: RPAC Fundraising & Member Activist Modeling

Our team of analysts will create customized predictive models to assist your association in activating members or supporting your fundraising goals. Your association will collaborate with our data scientists to establish the specifics of each model to ensure it meets your needs.

Membership Insights

Learning more about your membership is a key goal of any association. We offer a comprehensive collection of data elements that, when matched to you membership, your teams can use to learn more about each member. This data includes key insights such as partisan leaning, voting participation, political contributing history as well as demographic and lifestyle attributes.

Precinct-level Election Return Data

REAL Strategies’ proprietary election returns data, ElectionBase, is a national database of election results assembled from state and county boards of elections synced with the voter file. Collected at the precinct level, and supplemented with ward-, township- and county-level results, ElectionBase is the largest, most dynamic and accurate geographic targeting data set available.

Online, Interactive Targeting Dashboard

The REAL Strategies team has developed an online, interactive targeting dashboard that includes house and senate district-level election results. As part of our direct relationship, we will also extend this data set to include your association’s member data, allowing you to target races effectively at all levels of the state.

Data Usage

You will have use of your state’s enhanced statewide voter file for campaign targeting and other programs. This broad access to a vast array of data attributes is unprecedented in the REALTOR® community.

Additional Service Offerings

Polling: Political & Consumer Survey Research

The American Strategies, Inc. (ASI) polling team has worked with many state and local associations over the years through the REALTOR® Party; however, a direct relationship between your association and ASI, through the REALTOR® Party Plus program, opens up the possibility to perform new kinds of polling that are not available through the REALTOR® Party, such as:

  • Consumer Polling: We can provide ongoing polling of home buyers and home sellers, and marry that information to either real property data or MLS data.
  • Political Benchmark Polling: We can provide an ongoing (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual) statewide survey of voters and homeowners. Your association can conduct and track ongoing attitudes and opinions on a variety of issues, helping you become a trusted source of relevant political information in your area.
  • Custom Project Polling

Outreach and Communications Services

In addition to our focus on data, the REALTOR® Party Plus program offers a full-service agency that can provide, either directly or through our close partnerships, a variety of campaign communication services, including:

  • Direct Mail
  • Online Advertising
  • Custom Websites
  • Email Campaigns
  • Telephone Solutions
  • Radio Advertising
  • Social Media Campaigns


Questions? Contact Julienne Uhlich at 703-850-8169 or Justin Allen at 801-698-5334.